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DIY vs. Using an Advisor

DIY vs. Using an Advisor

The 2023 Northwestern Mutual Planning & Progress Study provides insightful data on the use of financial advisors among Americans. According to the study, only 37% of Americans currently work with a financial advisor. This statistic is particularly significant in light of the finding that two-thirds of Americans (66%) believe their financial planning needs improvement, which was especially true among younger adults, with 79% of both Gen Z and Millennials acknowledging this need.

The study also highlights the benefits of working with a financial advisor, noting that individuals who do so have significantly higher levels of confidence across a range of areas, including being prepared for unplanned expenses, being able to retire when the time comes, and achieving long-term financial security. Furthermore, financial advisors are considered the most trusted source for financial advice, outranking spouses, family members, business news, friends, and social media.

This discrepancy between the recognition of needing better financial planning and the relatively low percentage of those actually seeking out professional advice underscores the opportunity for more Americans to benefit from the expertise and guidance that financial advisors offer

Value added advisory services<sup></sup>

Value added advisory services

Expert Insight: Walker Wealth Managements deep market knowledge and strategic planning can significantly outperform self-managed portfolios.

Custom Strategies: Tailored investment strategies align closely with individual goals, optimizing returns.

Emotional Stability: Advisors maintain discipline, preventing costly emotional investment mistakes.

Exclusive Resources: Access to advanced tools and networks provides superior market insights.

Vanguard Study: A Vanguard study highlights that portfolios managed by financial advisors notably outperform those without, underscoring the value of professional guidance.

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